Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Journey into Truth

This is not only an experiment into truth about reality and my ' wonderful ' insights about it, but also a look into the mind of a "regular" human being dealing with life on life's terms and according to the Ultimate Reality shown by the historic Buddha.

This has been an idea born out of a conversation with a friend. Since I hate to write (not so much the act of writing, but because I'm by nature lazy), I've decided to try this blog thang. Hopefully to look back and see growth, and more importantly to laugh my ass off at my humanity. Because I will be going for complete honesty (from my perspective) in my adventures into the Dhamma and recovery from alcoholism, I will not be using real names while referring to people I encounter. I believe the internet is about freedom of speech, but not a place to character assassinate others. (Not that I wouldn't love to sometimes, but because it's not right and I don't want to deal with those consequences today.)

So the journey will begin.....................

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